Covid 19 – Stay Connected

Our member clubs are using technology to stay connected, and here is how they are doing it.
Online Activities:
Host your regular indoor activities via a voice or video chat.  Have a Ladies Dinner In, Friday Night Drinks, Wednesday Afternoon Tea and use a video group call to “visit”. Have an audio chat with friends as you play online games or knit. Get Creative – Stay Connected!
Below are some audio/video programs and apps you may wish to try:  Apps need to be downloaded via Apple or Android store. (member written instructions are available for some – thank you to the members who provided these).
Facebook Messenger  (PC/Phone) – Voice chat with up to 50 people; video only shows 6 at a time. 
FaceTime (Apple only – Phone/IPad)) – Video chat with to 32 people (create group in Messages, then Video call) 
Google Duo (PC/Phone/Tablet) – PC is 1-1 video (instructions); Phone/tablet allows video up to 12.
Google Hangouts (PC/Phone/Ipad) – Text message or voice call (Hangouts Help Centre)
Houseparty (PC/Phone/Ipad) – Video chat with up to 8 people; also has some built in games (Houseparty Help)
WhatsApp (Phone) – Voice chat with up to 32 people (instructions); video up to 16.
Webex (PC/Phone) – Video chat with up to 25 people.
Trickster (PC/Tablet) – play Euchre, 500, Bridge, Hearts and more (500 instructions).
Words with friends (Tablet) – scrabble game.
Google Play Games (PC/Tablet) – various free and paid games available. 
Online Education:
Classroom Central – offers free and paid online courses.
edX – offers free and paid online courses, founded by Harvard and MIT.
World Museum Tours.
Zoos & Parks.
Popular Tourist Destinations.
General Sites.
To share your club experiences, email your ideas and software/apps to