National Newcomers Association

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A Not for Profit Organization in Canada

National Newcomers is an organization made up of over 60 newcomer and alumni/ae clubs representing 8000+ members from across Canada. Newcomer clubs welcome people who are new to a community providing an opportunity to meet new people through various activities. Where an alumni/ae club exists, after a specified period of time, individuals move to that club. Covid19 – Stay Connected.  
Each club is independently organized and run by its’ volunteers. The National Board of Directors is there to assist member clubs and their members by providing information around club organization, giving an opportunity for clubs to connect with each other, offering insurance and activity ideas to name just a few. For more information, use the email address below in the footer.
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Mission and Mandate of the National Newcomers Association of Canada:

Reach out to Newcomers to our communities. Facilitate social networking. Provide advice, guidance and support to member Clubs and members, encouraging them in their efforts, goals and initiatives. Assist in the establishment of new Clubs and the evolution of existing Clubs.
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Connect With Our Newcomers Association

The first Newcomers club was established in Calgary in 1961 by the wives of Bank of Montreal employees looking to meet ladies who were new to the city. For more than 55 years, Newcomers clubs across Canada have been giving new members a warm welcome and the opportunity to discover their new city while providing a ready-made social network and a roster of fun activities. Over the years many clubs changed or were created to provide these opportunities to both women and men. Newcomers clubs and their associated alumni clubs provide a supportive network and voice to all members. Click here to find a Newcomer Club near you.