Did you know Newcomers in Canada was started in Calgary in 1961?

What began as a ladies monthly social activity has grown into the National Newcomers Association of Canada with 66 clubs, over 8500 members nation wide, and hundreds of activities happening each and every month. Our clubs are a combination of ladies only, men only, and a number of co-ed clubs.

Newcomers is, and has always been, about forming new friendships and creating long term relationships as we move from being new to an area to settling in to looking for social connections. Check out our ‘Member Clubs’ tab to find a club near you. Your new best friend may be waiting for you.

A volunteer is defined as someone who gives time, effort, and talent to a need or cause without profiting monetarily. Volunteers are what make a club successful. A grateful ‘thank you’ goes out to those of you who have stepped forward and volunteered your time and energy.

Want to start a new club or an alumnae/i club? You can find all the details here.

We’re here to help; whether yours is an existing club, you have questions, or are looking to start a club, please email me: president@nnac.ca

Kind regards,
Cindy Dixon

President, NNAC