Across Canada, there are over 65 member clubs with 8000+ members of a Newcomer or Newcomer Alumnae Club. The National Newcomers Association of Canada (NNAC) provides these members, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, with a strong and resourceful connection to each other.

National Newcomers Association of Canada is registered with Industry Canada as a not-for-profit organization, has its own bylaws, and acts as an advisory body to member clubs.

We provide general information and support to all 65 clubs including guidance in starting a club, assistance in creating bylaws, and AGM planning. We offer insurance coverage through our provider, including general commercial liability and directors and officers coverage.

NNAC is a dynamic network comprised of volunteers from across Canada (please see our Board of Directors page) who meet via conference call several times a year and donate their time to ensure the Newcomer network in Canada thrives and grows.

According to, among the top five stressful life events, moving is number three, with ‘how to get established in a new city’ being a major concern and stress.

For more than 55 years, Newcomer clubs across Canada have been giving new members a warm welcome and the opportunity to discover their new city, while providing a ready-made social network and a roster of fun activities. Newcomer clubs provide a supportive friendship network and a voice to all members.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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