The Link – Winter/Spring 2018

The Link – Winter/Spring Edition 2018

Highlights from the Presidents’ Call

On Sunday March 18, Club Presidents of Newcomers and Alumnae Clubs joined a conference call to discuss various topics that were of interest to all clubs.  This is done twice a year to share information and learnings with each other.   Some of the highlights of the call were as follows:


Q:  How many clubs have insurance?
A:  Obtained from the club’s renewal for their 2017-2018 membership, out of 65 member clubs, 55 clubs have insurance covering 8300+ members:

  • 36 clubs have General Liability
  • 5 clubs have General Liability and Blanket Accident
  • 13 clubs have General Liability and Directors & Officers (D&O)
  • 1 club has General Liability, D&O and Blanket Accident

Of the 10 remaining clubs:

  • 6 clubs have no insurance
  • 2 clubs have private insurance
  • 2 clubs did not indicate whether or not they have insurance

Q: Does a club have to be incorporated to purchase Director’s & Officers (D&O) insurance?
A: NNAC received this reply from Joel Santos, Cooperators Insurance March 15, 2018:“Yes, Clubs need to be incorporated.  The incorporation process is what ensures that the club is operating with bylaws, filing financial statements, etc.

All things that are required for a D&O policy.  Without incorporation, there is nothing obliging a Club to have these things in place. Typically, claims history show that clubs will get sued over things like financial transactions, board actions and so on.  Therefore, the incorporation is necessary.”

Each club has to determine whether to incorporate or not. Want to know more about incorporating? Here are the links to provincial web sites.  Please note that some provinces have a “Societies Act” whereby non-profits file an annual return with their bylaws and financial statements.  For Co-operators Insurance purposes, this would be equivalent to incorporating.

British Columbia 
New Brunswick  
Nova Scotia 

Q: Does my club need a waiver form?
A:  Each club has to make that determination themselves. NNAC does offer the following guidance on our website.

Q:  Where can I get more information about types of insurance for our club?
A:  The NNAC website provides a wealth of information including the types of insurance available through Cooperators as well as the Insurance Handbook for 2017-2018.  Executive members of each club will have access to this information here.

Questions about Insurance for your club?

Bonnie Barber from the Ottawa Newcomers’ Alumnae Club is the contact regarding any questions you may have relating to liability insurance for your club.  She can be reached at

Website Survey Results

Thank you to the clubs who completed the survey about website development.  We had a huge response rate of 54%. To summarize the results, 71% of clubs have a website already.  The clubs that do not have a website either don’t feel that they need one as they use other tools for communication or promoting their club.  Only a couple of clubs were interested in getting a new website but felt that the cost of creating one was too high even with a potentially lower rate in association with other newcomer clubs.  So, at this time, the NNAC will not be pursuing assisting clubs with their website development.  Thanks again to everyone who participated in the survey.

Online Membership Renewal and Payment

This renewal year, clubs will have the ability to renew their membership directly online and submit their membership fee electronically.  Watch your email for further details.  Clubs who wish to mail in their renewal form and payment will still have the ability to do so as well by accessing the renewal form here.

 AGM 2018 Conference Call

Since the 2017 AGM was held in Toronto, the 2018 AGM will be a conference call where all clubs and their members are welcome to participate. The call will be held Sunday October 14, 2018  (details to follow).

The 2019 AGM will be hosted by the wonderful Niagara-on-the-Lake Newcomers’ Club on October 4 and 5th, 2019.  The club is already planning a wonderful weekend in their charming town so plan on attending with your club members.

Board Positions available for 2018/2019

The NNAC Board is a diverse team of individuals from across the country who bring their experience and expertise to their position.  We are looking for volunteers to fill the positions of  Treasurer, Membership Director, Newsletter Editor and  Web Editor.  If you are interested in being part of this board or have questions about positions and the level of commitment please contact our President, Cindy Dixon, at

Celebrating Anniversaries in 2018

This year marks a significant milestone for 18 of our Newcomers’ Clubs

What a special year for 18 Newcomer Clubs across Canada.  We have 3 clubs celebrating 30 years of welcoming Newcomers’ to their city and 3 clubs enjoying 35 years.  Check out if your club is one of these honourees by clicking here.

And a special shoutout to these clubs who are celebrating over 40 years:

40 years:
Etobicoke Newcomers Club
St. Catherine’s & District Newcomers Club50 years:
Kelowna Newcomers Club
45 years:
London Newcomers Club
Mississauga Newcomers & ACORN Club
Sarnia Newcomers Club55 years:
Calgary Nu-Grads

Congratulations to each of these clubs as they continue to welcome new people to their cities.
There are 65 Newcomers’ and Alumnae clubs all across Canada?

Check out our website to see the clubs in each province.  If you ever relocate somewhere else in Canada, be sure to check out our website to find the club in your new home.

Spreading Ideas Across the Country
Comox Valley Alumnae Club
This club has been enjoying “Breakfast and the Bolshoi” watching the Bolshoi Ballet live in their local theatre after getting together for breakfast.  What a wonderful idea!  Two productions are left in the year:  Giselle on April 8 and Coppelia on June 10. Check out your local cinema to enjoy the ballet.
Cornwall Newcomers’ Club
La Gallant Sugar Shack is the place to go for maple syrup season in Cornwall. The club goes each year to a beautiful log cabin with crackling fireplaces, large sunny terrace, sleigh rides and delicious maple taffy on the snow.
Ottawa Newcomers’ Alumnae Club
Getting educated on the new cannabis legislation happening this summer, this club recently had a speaker who has been responsible for the criminal law aspects of this policy change and was able to answer their questions.  What a great idea by this club to get more informed on the impacts of this new law.
Langley Newcomers’ and Friends
Langley club invited a speaker to their monthly event to educate the members on Emergency Services. Always be prepared!
Calgary Newcomers’ Club
The Newcomers’ and Nugrads have a joint group called Women Helping Women.  This month, the women volunteered their sewing skills at Days for Girls which is an organization that makes menstrual pads for girls and women all over the world so that they can continue to go to school.
London Newcomers’ Club
Canasta, Cribbage, Dominos, Bid Euchre, Mahjong, Euchre, Scrabble and two Bridge Clubs!  With 9 different game groups, London is the place for games of all kinds.
Regina Newcomers’ Club
Helping the newer members get to know each other, this club has a dinner each month for members who have been with the club for less than 3 years.  They also enjoy another dinner for all members of the club.
Thornhill Newcomers and Alumnae
Enjoyed an Italian Cooking class – making Veal Scaloppini Marsala, Green Beans Almondine, Penne alla Vodka and Stuffed Cannoli. Buon Appetito!
Pickering/Ajax Newcomers’ Club
Kalookie? What is Kalookie?  This club enjoys a card game that is a version of Jamaican Rummy.  How could it not be a fun time when the name is so fun to say!
Please forward your club newsletters to us so we can share what’s happening in every club across the country.  It is a great way to share ideas and accomplishments with each other.  Send them to
Out and About Across the Country
Calgary Newcomers’ Club Cross Country Ski group enjoying blue skies and fresh powder in the mountains
St. Catherine’s Newcomers club welcomes a few new members from “the Soo”.
Comox Valley Newcomers’ Alumnae Hospitality Committee prepares a wonderful assortment of snacks for their members
Glacier Newcomers’ Alumnae enjoying a February walk.  Look at all of that greenery!
The Kingston Newcomers/Alumni group showing their door prize wins.
The Truro and Area Newcomers’ Club toured a police station and ended up in JAIL!
The Truro and Area Newcomers’ Club planting two trees in the town’s community garden.
Have a question for an Executive Member of the NNAC?  Click hereto get their contact information.