Nova Scotia

Halifax Regional Newcomers’ Alumnae Club
Number of Members: 52
Year Founded: 1980
Last Update: August, 2017
President:       Linda Moxam
Membership:  Linda Moxam
Newsletter:     Bev Grant     

Truro & Area Newcomers’ Club
Number of Members: 7
Year Founded: 1994
Last Update: September, 2017
President:            Afra Kavanagh
Membership:       Rowena Boone

Truro Newcomers’ Alumnae
Number of Members: 32
Year Founded: 2000
Last Update:   October, 2017
Co-President:        Sandi Sims                   (902) 843-1089
Co-President:        Patricia Zak             (902) 893-7077
Membership:         Vicki Smith        
Newsletter:             Mary Petrie        

Wolfville & Area Newcomers Club
Number of Members: 83
Year Founded: 1996
Last Update:     July, 2017
President:          Barbara Gibson
Membership:    Gordon Joice