Membership in NNAC

You can print out the Membership Form and fill it in by hand, or you can type information directly into the form.
Please note:
– If you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser, you can type into the form and then save and download the typed version to your computer to save it and print it out or email it in.
– If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you need to print out what you have typed into the form before saving it, because Google Chrome is unable to save the form containing your typing. Once you’ve printed it out, you can scan the form if you wish to email it in.

  • Two ways to pay for your club’s membership:

    • Cheque:  Mail in your completed membership form with a cheque made payable to “National Newcomers Association of Canada”. The mailing address is shown on the membership form.
    • E-transfer:  Email your completed membership form to and send an e-transfer for payment to (be sure to specify the name of your club in a comment with your e-transfer)